We are the specialists for:

  • Precision round connector sockets and pins, coaxial connectors and Teflon isolators.
  • Precision round connectors for fibre optics, electric and electronic contacts for automobile, telecommunication, medical technology, test engineering.
  • Complicated fine turned parts for the fine mechanics, optical, apparatus engineering and medical industries.

High power contact, made from copper alloy, with integrated locking clip.
Locking clip: a roll punched part for large-scale serial production? Sure: however the same article as a turned part has a greater shape anddimensional stability and is in many cases easier to mount. Not only is the turned part only marginally more expensive but also special shaped clips can be produced without high punch tool costs.

High temperature contact pins and sockets
made from pure iron and constantan
Grounding spring made from bronze, Ecobrass, nickel silver
Glass fibre optic connector made from nickel silver with high radial accuracy.
Complete coaxial contact
Complete coaxial contact from left to right:
1. Inner conductor angled 2. Teflon insulating sleeve 3. Outer conductor sleeve 4. Fully assembled